Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time flies when you're having babies.

It has been almost two years since we posted on this blog. While I would like to make excuses, the truth is that parenting takes a lot of time. Lots has changed in the past two years. In the next three posts I will attempt to catch everything back up to date. Here are the highlights and lowlights .

March 2014 - Miles' first birthday (this is where we left you)

May 2014 - Angela takes a new job at a new Campus for Lakepointe (Lakepointe Richland)

June 2014 - Angela has a miscarriage.

July 2014 - Platt vacation and "Stay-cation" (Miles visits the beach for the first time)

August 2014 - We are home owners for the first time. We move into a house in Lavon, Tx.

September 2014 - Angela has a 10 year high school reunion

October 2014 -  Miles goes to the State fair of Texas, UMHB Homecoming, our first family pictures with Jade & Kyle Photography, Buzzlight year and Miles learns to ride a trike.

November 2014 - Miles and the family go to Iowa. (Miles' first flight)

December 2014 - Miles helps grandpa run the Dallas Marathon and the Platt's are sick at home for Christmas.

January 2015 - Miles learns the robot and moves to a "big boy bed."

March 2015 - Miles turns 2, starts potty training and Stuart goes to China.

May 2015 - Stuart takes a new job ... in a different city. Angela's Grandpa goes to heaven. Platt's go to Iowa.

June 2015 - South Padre Island Platt family vacation aka Miles LOVES the beach!

July 2015 - July Fourth on the Lake with Friends and We're having another BABY!!!

August 2015 - Angela's last day at her job and goes on a girls road trip to Washington.

September 2015 - Team Dino, the gender reveal color fight!

October 2015 - Texas State fair, Chase the police dog, Miles' first camping trip, Monsters Inc and Stuart turns 30.

November 2015 - Miles is in a wedding, family pics with Jade and Kyle photography (round 2) and we sold the house.

December 2015 - Christmas in a new town, Miles meets Santa and sings punk rock!

January 2016 - All things new

February 2016 - IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!

I will be writing brief posts explaining these events (complete with Pictures). To be continued...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Miles' first birthday party!

I know this is a few months late, but it doesn't mean we didn't have a BLAST at Miles' birthday! Celebrating with friends and family that day was a memory I'll treasure for a lifetime! Here are a few pictures of the party. The theme was "oh how time flies" with a vintage airplane feel. Enjoy! 

Also, thank you to the tons for family and friends that came to celebrate our Miles! This was by far the best year of our lives! 

If you are interested in any of the decor items- I have posted some of the links below.
 Plates and wooden utensils-
Airplane cookie cutter-
"1" shirt-
I created all the signage and invitations! If you are interested in checking some of them out, you can purchase through my Etsy shop- (email me if you don't see something on the shop that you would be interested in). 
Cake- Cakes by Donna

Thursday, March 13, 2014

MILEStone: 1 year

To my baby Miles on his first birthday:

When I found out I was pregnant I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait to meet the child that God had picked to be ours. I couldn't wait to see you smile. To hear your laugh. To see you grow. You blew away all of my expectations. This past year I have learned how to love better because of you. People warned me the love for a child is like no other. It is a love that almost hurts- in a good way. You have showed me how I can love others better. To see each person, not as just another human, but as someone's son or daughter and above all to see them how God would see them.

My hope for you, as you grow, is that people see you for the joy that you radiate. I can't wait to see you grow up. To see your personality even more. To hear your thoughts and dreams. And to watch you chase after each one of them. Your dad and I will always be on your team- cheering you on.

Thank you for making me a mom. I know I will make mistakes every once in a while, but I hope you never doubt my love for you.

I'll love you forever,
Your mama

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Month 11 {signs, phone calls, pointing}

Miles looks like a little boy these days. He is now weighing 22.8 pounds. People warned me that it went fast, but I didn't believe them. Now I can't believe that my little guy is a few short days away from being 1. This was a crazy month. It started off with me leaving for Haiti for 8 days and ended with Stuart being in Memphis for 5 days. We both came back commenting on how big he had grown while we were away. Each day is precious. I long for the quiet moments when Miles still wants to sleep on me. There are only a few moments that he is still enough to let me snuggle still :)

-While I was in Haiti he started picking up items and pretending they are a phone. He loves to pretend to talk to people even if he is using a remote or spoon or even a sock.
-He likes to get on his stomach and try to "swim" in the bath.
-He knows the sign for "more" and "please". We are still working on "thank you".
-He took a few steps on his own on Feb. 9th.
-He started at a preschool two days a week. So far he seems to be having fun and has already come home with a craft :)
-He points at everything.
-He opens every drawer and door he can find. Time to child proof them!
-He is starting to follow instructions like "no" and "sit down" and a few times we can ask him to grab something and bring it to us and he will. Such a smarty pants.
-He still loves food! He has finished a few kid meals by himself already.
-We just sent out invites to his first birthday!
-He likes the movie Robin Hood.
-Started looking through books on his own. 
-Still loves going on walks outside. We get random nice weather days that we can go outside. 
-He loves going on rides on a frisbee with his grandpa!
-Has started to get picky about getting dropped off places and who is holding him. 
-Super ticklish on his back and feet.
-Now in his big boy car seat!
-Likes to play and jump on the bed.
-Started trying to climb out of things. 
-He is pretty high energy most of the time. I think we are in for a fun childhood :)
-Doesn't like sleeping in his crib. 
-He recieved his first Valentines :) 
-He made Valentine's for his grandmas and daddy.