Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time flies when you're having babies.

It has been almost two years since we posted on this blog. While I would like to make excuses, the truth is that parenting takes a lot of time. Lots has changed in the past two years. In the next three posts I will attempt to catch everything back up to date. Here are the highlights and lowlights .

March 2014 - Miles' first birthday (this is where we left you)

May 2014 - Angela takes a new job at a new Campus for Lakepointe (Lakepointe Richland)

June 2014 - Angela has a miscarriage.

July 2014 - Platt vacation and "Stay-cation" (Miles visits the beach for the first time)

August 2014 - We are home owners for the first time. We move into a house in Lavon, Tx.

September 2014 - Angela has a 10 year high school reunion

October 2014 -  Miles goes to the State fair of Texas, UMHB Homecoming, our first family pictures with Jade & Kyle Photography, Buzzlight year and Miles learns to ride a trike.

November 2014 - Miles and the family go to Iowa. (Miles' first flight)

December 2014 - Miles helps grandpa run the Dallas Marathon and the Platt's are sick at home for Christmas.

January 2015 - Miles learns the robot and moves to a "big boy bed."

March 2015 - Miles turns 2, starts potty training and Stuart goes to China.

May 2015 - Stuart takes a new job ... in a different city. Angela's Grandpa goes to heaven. Platt's go to Iowa.

June 2015 - South Padre Island Platt family vacation aka Miles LOVES the beach!

July 2015 - July Fourth on the Lake with Friends and We're having another BABY!!!

August 2015 - Angela's last day at her job and goes on a girls road trip to Washington.

September 2015 - Team Dino, the gender reveal color fight!

October 2015 - Texas State fair, Chase the police dog, Miles' first camping trip, Monsters Inc and Stuart turns 30.

November 2015 - Miles is in a wedding, family pics with Jade and Kyle photography (round 2) and we sold the house.

December 2015 - Christmas in a new town, Miles meets Santa and sings punk rock!

January 2016 - All things new

February 2016 - IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!

I will be writing brief posts explaining these events (complete with Pictures). To be continued...

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